Getting Started with a Mortgage Checklist

  • Review your credit report and dispute any blemishes on your credit report if they don’t look right.

  • Gather your (and anyone else applying for the the mortgage) last two years of tax returns and proof of income (W2s or pay stubs)—or your year-to-date profit and loss statement if self-employed.

  • Meet with our knowledgeable team and determine which loan options will best suit your needs. This is a good time to decide how much monthly mortgage payments will fit with your budget. Our calculator will assist you in finding a price range. We will help you get pre-approved, letting sellers know you are gearing up to make a purchase

  • Decide which area is best for your new dwelling, and determine your needs versus wants in the home. Consider the community, school district, and trends of past home sales in the immediate area.

  • Find local real estate agents in the area and begin visiting open houses and private showings of properties.

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